Vilimir has a background in Economics and Mathematics. After an employment as a portfolio manager focusing on large institutional investors, he decided to get further advanced knowledge in finance at postgraduate level. He thinks that such is required with the growth of complication in financial markets. That led to completing studies in Finance and Financial Mathematics. Having been in academia during a full business cycle and years of turmoil marked by several crises, provided him an opportunity to do critical research on modern topics both of academic and practical relevance. At the same time, he kept in touch with the industry by being associated with a set of innovative industrial projects and real economy consulting activities. 

Vilimir's academic and industrial interests are in the fields of Financial Engineering (Fixed Income, Credit, FX, Equity, Cross-Asset; Derivatives; Market Microstructure; AI), Asset Management, Markets/Macro Strategy, and Statistics & Stochastic Analysis. He tries to combine quantitative underpinning with financial/economic intuition about the structural drivers for measurable (full-stack) industrial applications in portfolio management, (quant) research and strategy, and trading.