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Book chapters:

Innovations in Derivatives Markets: Fixed Income Modeling, Valuation Adjustments, Risk Management, and Regulation, Editors: Glau, K., Grbac, Z., Scherer, M., Zagst, R. (Eds.), Springer, 2016

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Work in progress:

Optimal Fixed Income Portfolios via Orthogonal Factors, 2017 (status - final review)

Optimal Fixed Income Portfolios via Machine Learning, 2017 (status - final review)

Dynamic Hedging and Vol Risk-Premium in Interest Rate and Inflation Derivatives, 2017 (status - final review)

Dynamic Hedging and Vol Risk-Premium in FX Derivatives, 2017 (status - final review)

Alpha Ideas in Equity and FX HFT and STS, 2017 (status - final review)

Currency Board Arrangement Capital Structure Macrofinancial Diagnostics, 2014 (status - final review)

Three Curves, Ones Sovereign: The Russian and Turkish Foreign and Domestic Debt Macrofinancial Diagnostics (status - in progress).